About Me

Jorge C. Lucero

Seeking the Stillness: A Humble Oblate’s Contemplative Path

Pax vobiscum. I am Jorge C. Lucero, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Science at the University of Brasília. I am also a Benedictine oblate novice, known as Br. Ignacio within the monastery’s walls.

My academic career has taken me on a journey across continents, allowing me to experience diverse cultures and learn multiple languages beyond my native Spanish. These worldly travels have instilled in me a deep reverence for the inherent value of every human being and all forms of life. It is this profound appreciation for the sacred that has guided me towards a path of contemplative spirituality rooted in the Benedictine tradition.

Though enriched by a multicultural upbringing, I remain a humble student, ever eager to learn from the great contemplatives who have walked before me. This blog is a modest attempt to document my inner journey while drawing from the timeless wellspring of monastic wisdom.

My soul’s yearning has led me to explore the mystical realms through the lens of Benedictine spirituality. Guided by the values of humility, stability, and obedience, I seek to cultivate a spirit of listening – to Sacred Scripture, to the whisperings of creation, and to the stillness within. For it is in that sacred silence that we may begin to perceive the faint echoes of eternal truths.

As a pacifist who despises violence in any form, I dream of a world without borders, where universal love and compassion reign supreme. My understanding of God as the ground of “being” in the Thomistic sense has inspired me to join the Monastery of Saint Benedict in Brasília, where I am currently undergoing formation as an Oblate novice.

Let us journey together, fellow pilgrims, in the footsteps of monastic sages. May our contemplative consciousness deepen as we embrace the simplicity of being present to the Divine Presence. Though the way is narrow, its blessings await those who persist with pure intention and openness of spirit.