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Top 7 Catholic Planners for 2024: A Guide to Keeping Your Faith Organized

In the whirlwind of our daily lives, staying organized is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity. Amidst the flurry of appointments, tasks, and responsibilities, it’s all too easy to lose track of the bigger picture – especially when it comes to our spiritual life. This is where the unique value of a Catholic planner comes into play. Far more than a simple scheduling tool, a Catholic planner is a bridge that connects the practicalities of daily life with the spiritual nourishment of our faith.

For those walking the path of faith, a Catholic planner does more than keep track of meetings and to-dos. It weaves the richness of the Catholic tradition into the fabric of everyday life. With features like daily scripture quotes, reminders of feast days, and spaces for prayer intentions, these planners serve as a daily prompt, keeping our spiritual commitments at the forefront of our minds even during the busiest days.

In selecting the best Catholic planners for 2024, I’ve focused on several key criteria. The planners highlighted in this list stand out for their unique features – whether it’s the layout, the inclusion of specific sections like prayer logs, or the overall design. I’ve also considered user reviews, valuing the insights and experiences of those who have used these planners in their daily lives. Most importantly, the relevance to the Catholic faith – the way each planner integrates and honors the liturgical calendar, saints’ days, and other aspects of Catholic spirituality – has been a guiding factor in my selection.

Whether you are deeply rooted in your faith or simply looking to bring more spiritual awareness into your life, a Catholic planner can be a valuable ally. It’s a tool that not only helps you manage your time but also enriches your spiritual journey, day by day.

Why Choose a Catholic Planner?


  1. Integration of Faith and Daily Life: A Catholic planner seamlessly integrates your spiritual life with your daily schedule. With features like daily scripture quotes and reflections, it constantly reminds you of the spiritual dimension of your everyday activities.
  2. Keeping Track of Feast Days and Liturgical Seasons: One of the unique aspects of a Catholic planner is its incorporation of the Church’s liturgical calendar. This includes feast days of saints, solemnities, and other significant liturgical events. By staying aware of these important days, you can more fully participate in the rhythms of the Church year.
  3. Space for Prayer Intentions and Reflections: Many Catholic planners offer dedicated space for recording prayer intentions, personal reflections, or gratitude notes. This not only helps in organizing thoughts but also encourages regular reflection and prayer, fostering a more contemplative lifestyle.
  4. A Tool for Spiritual Accountability: By including sections for spiritual goals and self-assessment, a Catholic planner can serve as a form of spiritual accountability. It allows you to track your progress in areas of personal prayer, sacramental life, and other faith practices.

Aiding in Spiritual Growth and Keeping Faith Commitments

A Catholic planner does more than organize your time; it helps organize your spiritual life. Here’s how:

  1. Daily Scripture and Inspirational Quotes: Starting your day with a scripture quote or a saint’s wisdom can set a positive, reflective tone for the day. This daily dose of inspiration can be a source of strength and encouragement in your faith journey.
  2. Reminders for Prayer and Meditation: Regular reminders for prayer and meditation can help in nurturing a consistent prayer life. This can be particularly helpful for those looking to deepen their meditation or contemplative practices.
  3. Customized to Your Spiritual Journey: Whether you are focused on family prayers, personal devotions, or community service, a Catholic planner can be tailored to your specific spiritual path. This customization ensures that your planner is a true companion in your faith journey.
  4. Encouraging Holistic Well-being: By balancing spiritual, personal, and professional commitments, a Catholic planner encourages a holistic approach to well-being. It acknowledges that spiritual health is integral to overall wellness.

In conclusion, a Catholic planner is much more than a simple organizational tool. It is a daily companion that encourages you to live your faith more fully, aids in spiritual growth, and helps you keep your faith commitments. Whether you’re deeply rooted in your Catholic faith or just beginning to explore it, a Catholic planner can be a valuable resource in your spiritual journey.

Top 7 Catholic Planners for 2024

2024 Saints Calendar & 16 Month Planner – Top pick

Saints Calendar & Planner
  • Key Features: This is a 16-month planner starting from September 2023, featuring a comprehensive layout with monthly and weekly spreads.
  • Unique Catholic Elements: The planner includes an extensive saints calendar, highlighting feast days and brief biographies of the saints for each day.
  • User Experience: Users often praise this planner for its detailed focus on the lives of the saints, making it a unique and spiritually enriching tool for daily organization.
  • Price Range: $18.95 On sale at $5.00

Agnus Dei Calendar & 12-Month Planner 2024

Agnus Day Calendar
  • Key Features: This planner features a full 12-month layout with liturgical colors, feast days, and more. It also includes ample space for daily notes and appointments.
  • Unique Catholic Elements: The planner incorporates the liturgical calendar with feast days, making it easy to keep track of important religious dates.
  • User Experience: Users appreciate the planner’s comprehensive religious content combined with practicality for everyday use.
  • Price Range: $34.95 On sale at $10.00

2024 JMJ 12-Month Daily Planner

JMJ 2024 Planner
  • Key Features: Offers a daily layout with sections for appointments, to-dos, and notes, plus monthly overviews.
  • Unique Catholic Elements: Features reminders for feast days, Holy Days of Obligation, and other significant liturgical events.
  • User Experience: Users find it helpful for staying organized while keeping their faith at the forefront of their planning.

2024 Fully Catholic Planner

2024 Fully Catholic Planner
  • Key Features: This planner features a clear layout, ample space for notes, and a durable cover.
  • Unique Catholic Elements: Includes the liturgical calendar, feast days, and space for daily spiritual reflections.
  • User Experience: Users appreciate its comprehensive Catholic content and practical design.
  • Price: $24.29

2024 Catholic Day Planner

2024 Catholic day Planner
  • Key Features: Offers weekly scripture reflections and coloring pages, providing a unique interactive experience.
  • Unique Catholic Elements: Features weekly Bible verses and spiritual exercises.
  • User Experience: Users enjoy its creative approach to integrating faith with daily planning.
  • Price: $10.99

2024 Catholic Planner: A Blessed Year

2024 Catholic Planner
  • Key Features: Large calendar pages, designated sections for gratitude and prayer intentions.
  • Unique Catholic Elements: Tailored for Catholic women and teen girls with inspirational quotes and scripture.
  • User Experience: Highly rated for its inspiring content and functionality.
  • Price: $12.95

Fiat Traditional Catholic Planner

Fiat Liturgical Planner
  • Key Features: Full-size layout with extensive space for notes and appointments.
  • Unique Catholic Elements: Traditional Catholic artwork and feast days.
  • User Experience: Praised for its beautiful design and comprehensive features.
  • Price Range: $44.99

These Catholic planners for 2024 offer a range of features, from traditional layouts to innovative interactive elements, catering to various preferences and needs. Each planner is designed to help integrate your faith into daily life, making them valuable tools for spiritual growth and organization.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Catholic Planner

A Catholic planner is a powerful tool for organizing both your daily activities and your spiritual life. To fully benefit from it, consider these tips and tricks for effective use:

  1. Set Weekly Prayer Goals: Use your planner to set specific prayer goals each week. This could include dedicating time for morning and evening prayers, a daily Rosary, or attending Mass more frequently. Write these goals down and check them off as you accomplish them, tracking your progress and staying motivated.
  2. Track Spiritual Growth: Your planner can be a journal for your spiritual journey. Note down moments of grace, challenges in your faith, and insights from your prayer or scripture reading. Over time, these notes can become a valuable resource for reflecting on your spiritual growth.
  3. Incorporate Feast Days and Liturgical Seasons: Make a habit of noting important feast days and the start of liturgical seasons like Advent or Lent. Plan special activities or readings for these days to deepen your engagement with the Church’s calendar.
  4. Daily Scripture or Quote Reflections: If your planner includes daily scripture or saint quotes, take a few moments each day to reflect on them. Consider how they apply to your life and what actions they might inspire.
  5. Use the Space for Prayer Intentions: Many Catholic planners include space for prayer intentions. Use this to note down the intentions you want to remember in your prayers – those of family, friends, or broader community needs.
  6. Plan Charitable and Volunteer Work: Dedicate a section of your planner for planning and tracking your involvement in charitable works or volunteering. This helps ensure that acts of service are an integral part of your schedule.
  7. Reminders for Sacraments and Spiritual Appointments: Use your planner to schedule confession, spiritual direction meetings, or other sacraments. Treating these spiritual commitments with the same importance as other appointments reinforces their significance in your life.
  8. Customize for Personal Devotions: If you have a specific devotion, like the Divine Mercy or devotion to a particular saint, integrate this into your planner. Set aside times for these practices and note any special days associated with them.
  9. Share Your Journey: Use your planner as a conversation starter with your faith community. Share insights or interesting feast days with friends or family, which can lead to enriching spiritual discussions.
  10. Regular Review and Adjustment: At the end of each week or month, review your planner. Reflect on how well you’ve balanced your spiritual and secular responsibilities and make adjustments for the upcoming period.

By integrating these practices into your use of a Catholic planner, you make it a living document of your faith journey. It becomes not just a tool for organization, but a companion in your spiritual growth, keeping you anchored and focused on what truly matters in your busy life.


My personal recommendation would lean towards the 2024 Saints Calendar & Planner for offering biographies of the saints and feast days to deepen your knowledge and devotion. However, the best choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and the specific aspects of your faith that you wish to nurture and grow.

Remember, the key to benefiting from any of these planners is not just in their features, but in how you use them to align your daily activities with your spiritual goals. Whether you’re looking to deepen your prayer life, stay connected with the liturgical year, or incorporate the saints into your daily reflections, there’s a planner here that can meet your needs.

Choose a planner that resonates with your faith journey and use it as a tool not just for organization, but for spiritual growth and reflection. Let it be a guide that helps you to live out your faith more fully in the year ahead.


Catholic planners are more than just tools for organization; they are companions in our spiritual journey. Each planner we’ve explored offers a unique way to integrate the richness of the Catholic faith into our daily lives, helping us to stay anchored in our spiritual commitments amidst the bustle of modern life.

I encourage you to choose a planner that resonates with your personal faith journey. Whether you’re drawn to the traditional elements of the faith, inspired by daily scriptural insights, or seeking a creative way to blend prayer and planning, there’s a Catholic planner out there that’s perfect for you. Let your chosen planner be a daily reminder of God’s presence in your life, guiding you through the liturgical seasons, reminding you of the saints’ feast days, and providing space for personal reflection and growth.